Bring flavour to your table.

About Us

Our Philosophy

We are defined by the quality of our product: a unique combination of ingredients creates a Trinidadian-style hot sauce that is unrivalled in the market. Building upon generations of experience and tradition, Boyo's seeks to bring an authentic and unique experience to our customers' palates. Our product is as much about flavour as it is about heat.

Who We Are

Boyo's Hot Sauce is a family-run business. Founded by Boyo, the company is made up of a father and his three daughters: Sharmila, Alisha and Nadia.

daughters early '80s
The daughters, circa early '80s

Over a lifetime of hard work, Boyo has had the opportunity to explore many careers. Entrepreneurial by nature, from restaurant and club owner to shipper and receiver among others, his experience and talent for building relationships with people is integral to Boyo's success.

daughters early '80s
Boyo, circa late '70s

Sharmila's educational background in science and her experience as a web developer bring to Boyo's her in-depth knowledge and understanding of how things work and the importance of technology in today's business world.

With Alisha's degrees in language, journalism and education, her extensive experience in hotel management and teaching means that communication with Boyo's customers and ensuring their satisfaction are top of mind.

Nadia's Masters degree and her background in food and beverage operations are great assets to Boyo's. Her organizational and research skills and understanding of the customer experience are invaluable.