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Our Story

Boyo: n. Irish slang for a working class boy, known for being self-reliant.

Boyo's 1969
Boyo, circa 1969

Our story begins in Trinidad with a young man, known for his antics and mischievousness, who grew up helping his father tend crops and learning family recipes. Boyo watched as his father harvested and preserved scotch bonnet peppers in a simple pickle of pepper, vinegar, garlic and salt. It was always a favourite condiment with family, friends and neighbours.

After immigrating to Canada in the late 1960’s, Boyo discovered that the warmth and comforts of Trinidad were far, far, away. And when his father passed a few short years later, he understood that preserving his heritage would mean bringing Trinidad to Toronto.

Always known for his professional experience and talent in the kitchen, Boyo began experimenting with his father’s recipe by playing with the ingredients until he achieved perfection.

When friends and family in Toronto tasted this “new” hot sauce, richer in flavour and as complex as its history, they began to ask for bottles they could take home. And so, Boyo’s Hot Sauce was born!